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Racing Engines

Our motorsport engines are carefully specified for reliability and performance. Many components in our production based engines are lightened, strengthened or redesigned by Mountune to ensure that each engine delivers the performance package our customers demand.

A comprehensive development programme for each new design ensures that electronic engine management is matched to the mechanical components for optimum performance and reliability.

From the virtual world of computer aided design to the real world of the racetrack, Mountune racing leads the way in Motorsport and high performance engine design and development. 

This page details some examples of the many engine types we produce... if you'd like to contact us about your specific engine requirements please click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • 1.6 EcoBoost
  • Rallycross
  • Duratec Turbo
  • Duratec 2.5
  • Duratec 2/2.3
  • Jag V6
  • Honda CN
  • Cosworth YB

1.6-litre EcoBoost Engine

Mountune have been heavily involved with the new generation Ford direct injection petrol engines and from subsequent development programs can offer a range of engine specifications to suit your needs.

Our engine builders and designers were entrusted with Ford's own Global Race Engine program which has subsequently seen service in both the World Touring Car Championship with Team AON and the Chinese Touring Car Championship with Ford China (FRD). 

With the inclusion of the 1.6-litre Ecoboost engine in the 2012 Formula Ford Championship, Mountune have the experience from basic rebuilds to the ultimate race engines.

Where possible we use Pectel SQ6M or MQ12 ECU's in conjunction with our race engines.

Please contact us for your specific EcoBoost requirements. 

Mountune Racing Rallycross Engine

Mountune have developed 4-cylinder turbo engines with specific characteristics optimised for use in rallycross.

Already proven in the Olsberg MSE-built Ford Fiesta's competing in both the ERC (European Rallycross Championship) and GRC (Global Rallycross Championship), our engine's also powered their drivers to all three places on the 2011 X Games podium.

Performance of this engine is rated at 600bhp, with 830Nm being developed.

In addition, Mountune have also been entrusted to design, develop and build bespoke engines for the Chrysler Dodge motorsport team and their Dodge Dart - driven in 2012 by Travis Pastrana.

Please contact us for any specific engine requirements. 

Mountune Racing Duratec Turbo Engine

The all-alloy Duratec engine in NA form provides an excellent lightweight rally, race, hillclimb, sprints or kit car engine - when turbocharged it becomes a formidable powerplant suitable for a plethora of uses.

Mountune has become a name synonymous with turbocharging and our expertise with doing so with this engine is extensive.

Various engine specifications are available with power outputs in excess of 600bhp reliably achievable.

Our most successful Duratec Turbo engines can be found powering front running cars in a host of championships, most notably; The Motorbase BTCC team and their fleet of Focus' and Jota, competing in their British GT champhionship MX5.

Please contact us to discuss your specific engine requirements.

Mountune Racing Duratec 2.5-litre Engine

The all-new alloy Duratec 2.5-litre engine provides an excellent lightweight rally, race, hillclimb, sprints or kit car engine. Mountune can supply this engine in a number of formats ranging from 230bhp clubman spec, through to a de-stroked full race 300bhp+ variant.

A de-stroked version of this engine has been used with success by Olsbergs MSE in their Super Car Lite GP2.

Mountune Racing Duratec Engine

The all-alloy Duratec engine provides an excellent lightweight rally, race, hillclimb, sprints or kit car engine. Mountune can supply this engine in a number of formats ranging from 195bhp in 2-litre form, through to a 280bhp 2.3-litre right through to our range-topping 330bhp 2.4-litre variant.

Already proven on numerous occasions in various championships, Mountune can provide a Duratec to meet your needs.

Jaguar V6 Engine

The modern, all-alloy design of the Jaguar 3-litre V6 is capable of high power and toruqe outputs and Mountune have developed this engine very successfully for use in a variety of applications.

The range includes versions from 300bhp to 380bhp.

These engines are ideal for national sportscar racing and track day use.

Honda CN Engine

Mountune have developed the Honda Civic 'R' EP3 and FD2 engines for Sportscar racing including; Britsports and V de V.

The engine has been developed with Pectel's SQ6 engine management system, which can be switched in the car for both sprint and long distance events. Mountune paddle-shift is a popular option for these.

These engines have been hugely successfull for the past three seasons with Juno, Norma, and Ligier cars.

Cosworth YB Engine

Mountune Racing have been working with the Cosworth YB engine since 1986 when it first appeared in the two-wheel drive Sierra.

Since then Mountune have carried out continuous development on this engine which has resulted in phenomenal race, rally and championship successes throughout the world, for both the Ford factory teams and privateers.